LOC's mission is to custom design and develop advanced materials for applications requiring light weight and durability in harsh environments.

Material property enhancement technologies under development at LOC include nanoparticles, coatings, co-extrusion, micro-composites, bio-inspired materials and post processing. LOC's research approach blends engineered materials and emerging technologies with conventional manufacturing methods in order to deliver high performance while maintaining low cost high rate production of final products. LOC is also conducting research on the combination of new manufacturing processes with advanced materials to create products with enhanced performance not possible by conventional methods.

LOC is interested in working with a wide variety of companies and organizations, including large corporations, small businesses, academic institutions and government agencies.

LOC will be interested in discussing the licensing of its proprietary technologies to commercial organizations.


Earl Stromberg, Ph.D.

Tel: 973 641 2685

LOC Research Inc.

218 Little Falls Road, Unit 8
Cedar Grove, 07009
New Jersey